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Pathway Through Grief is a dedicated, hands-on, grief support community. We believe that everyone passes through a unique and personal grieving process that does not always follow a uniform pattern.

To help, we've developed an easy, powerful program to train individuals on the true nature of grief and how to pass through it.

Whatever the cause of your grief, the Pathway Through Grief program will give you the tools to overcome loss and pain and restore peace and happiness for yourself or anyone you desire to help.

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Losing a family member is never easy. When the holidays and anniversary times come around, it can make it even harder.


The popularized theory of a fluid step-by-step process to grief and loss has many under the false idea that when you are "done" with one stage, you move on to the next, until you are one day – done. I wish that this was true.


As an emotional client dealing with the loss of her father ~ and the hopes and dreams that went with him, she just sat across the room from me and just cried. Maybe you’ve had similar thoughts also.

Discover your Pathway Through Grief
When you discover YOUR Pathway Through Grief you will quickly find...

- Understanding about how grieving really works and what no one has ever told you!

- Why the '5 stages of grief' do not bring relief

- A clear path to hope, happiness, and life as you cross the Emotional Abyss.

- Peace of mind, knowing that you are

  • going to be well,
    • that you are fine, and that
      • your life will be better than it feels right now.

- Clarity to what your loss is and why it is making such a huge impact on your life.

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Meet Brett M. Judd MSW

Brett Judd is a master of Social Work and has been helping individuals  and families find balance and security for many years.  Working with manyindividuals who had experienced loss, Brett saw a serious issue with the way grief was portrayed, understood, and worse  taught in the therapy groups and pop culture. Looking for a solution, he created the Pathway Through Grief programs.  He is now leading the way to a healthier and more balanced look at what grief is, how to manage it, and what it means to become a Loss Manager.

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